Nano® Box

Nano® Box

RTS Roller Shades – Adjusting Limits

RTS Roller Shades – My Setting

RTS Roller Shades – Group Controls

Convert Any Pre-wire to SI

How to Measure Inside Mount Width

How to Measure Inside Mount

How to Measure Inside Mount Height

How to Measure Outside Mount

How to Measure Sill Channels

How to Measure Side Channels

How to Measure Fabric Width

Nano 375 Box Coupled Shades Installation

Is My Window Square?

How To Measure An Opening Requiring Multiple Shades

Measuring a Window with Obstructions

What to Do when the Jambs of a Window are Toed In

How to Set Limits and Tension on Nano Manual Shades

How to Install Nano Manual Shades

Add and Remove RTS Motor Pairings


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Nano Measurements

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Nano Fabric Capacity Chart

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Zigbee Design Guide

PDF [6.4 MB]

RTS Design Guide

PDF [4.8 MB]

485 Design Guide

PDF [1.4 MB]

USB Programming Guide – 485

PDF [39.6 KB]

Wire Topologies

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485 String Calculator

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485 Motor & Keypad Programming Software for USB Kit

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Nano Box V1 & V2 – 275 / 375 / 475

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Nano Box

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Nano Box – Coupled

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Zigbee Wirefree LI/ION & LV Motor

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Nano Shade Brochure – Residential

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Shade Trifold – Commercial

PDF [2.0 MB]

Shade Trifold – Residential

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Nano Shade Brochure – Commercial

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Nano Box 375 Coupled – Single – 485

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Nano Duo – 24v DC – 485

PDF [394.9 KB]

Nano Duo – Wirefree Zigbee

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Manual Nano Box

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Side & Sill Channel Inside Mount

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Side & Sill Channel Outside Mount

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Zigbee Limit Setting

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Add New Shade to Existing Zigbee Shade System

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Apply Zigbee RMA Shade Back to Network

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How to Convert Any Wires to SI

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Control Breakdown

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Add and Remove RTS Motors from TaHoma & LinkPro Z

Adding A Zigbee Motor To An Existing Zigbee System

Quick Motor Commissioning Guide

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Nano Box V1 [archived]

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Nano 2 Shade – How to Fix Telescoping

Nano 2 Shade – How to do a Motor Swap

Nano 2 Shade – How to do Fabric Swap

Nano 2 Shade – How to do a Shade Cutdown

ST30 and ST50 Models

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