LinkPro is a professional WIFI to RTS gateway that enables wireless control of our RTS (radio frequency) products such as Solo, Nano, and Sail.

The design of LinkPro is intended to look and act like a WiFi hotspot to provide not only the best possible dispersion of RTS signal, but also a clean and professional appearance.

There are many reasons why LinkPro is a superior RTS control method. The primary reason is that it is capable of being mounted in multiple different ways such as on top of a table, a wall, or the preferred method of mounting to the ceiling. Because it is powered over Ethernet (PoE) it does not have an AC power supply inside of the unit which can significantly reduce the performance of radio frequency signals. Additionally, LinkPro takes full advantage of all the powerful remote networking capabilities afforded by PoE, such as self-healing, scheduling, and remote access which maximizes the overall uptime and reliability of your client’s system.

LinkPro is available exclusively through authorized SI dealers and is sold individually or in bulk packs of 3 units each.

Because it was designed and built like WiFi devices, we recommend specifying it in a similar fashion. For a full list of specifications on the product including maximum specified range, please view our specification sheet.

Any SI product that utilizes our RTS communication protocol such as the Solo family of screens, Nano, Zen, and Sail shade products.