Connect can easily be mounted to a table top, shelf, or to the wall with the optional wall mount (coming soon). The RTS signal emitted from Connect is omnidirectional, however, Connect should be mounted with the bottom surface facing down rather than on edge. Connect can be mounted inside of an enclosure such as a wooden cabinet or cubby, but the useful range may be negatively affected. Connect should never be mounted inside an all metal enclosure such as a rack. The enclosed metal surfaces will disrupt the transmission of RTS signal. Placing Connect behind other RF devices such as TVs or microwave ovens can also dramatically effect the useful range.

Currently Connect has no IP or internet functionality. Future revisions of Connect will be IP enabled.

The maximum transmission range of Connect is up to 70 ft. This range can be reduced due to radio interference or physical obstructions such as walls or doors.

Connect cannot set or adjust limits on Solo. It can only be used to control Solo once the screen has been fully programmed.

Connect is paired with Solo in the same way that any other control point is paired with a Somfy RTS motor. The process is described in the Solo instructions, Connect instructions, and in my detailed programming guide. The steps are as follows:

  1. Hold the program button on the back of the Solo remote until the screen jogs.
  2. Briefly press (just a click) the button on the bottom of the Connect, Solo will jog again.

Connect offers three input control methods: Infrared, 12-volt trigger, and dry contact (relay).

  1. Infrared
    Controlled using the SI IR remote, or using hex codes in control system
    Connect will receive IR with the built in IR eye, or with an external IR eye added.
    If using the SI remote, Connect requires line of sight.
  2. 12-volt trigger
    Commonly output directly from projector via a 3.5 mm mono (TS) audio cable or phone (phono). Center pin (or tip of the TS) is positive and the outer contact (or sleeve of the TS) is negative.
    When trigger is high (5-12VDC) Solo will deploy. (Do not apply more than 12VDC)
    When trigger is low (<5V or no voltage present) Solo will retract.
  3. Dry Contact (relay)
    Often referred to as “contact closure” by integrators
    Uses an RJ-11 connector as the interface.
    Used with relay outputs on control system (can also be triggered by shorting wires for testing only)

Connect takes in various control inputs and converts those signals to Radio Technology Somfy™ (RTS) to communicate with Solo. Connect communicates with Solo wirelessly.

Consumers who have an existing third-party control system (Control4, Savant, etc) and would like to control Solo with more than just the included remote. Connect offers the consumers multiple types of control inputs which makes it suitable for almost every control system.

Connect is a device used for integrating Solo with a third-party control system such as Control4, Savant, or Crestron. Connect offers several methods of control input, but only a single type of output: RTS. Connect transmits data to Solo in the same way as the Solo remote, but with a longer effective range.