In order to determine what size projection screen is right for you, the first step is to take some simple measurements.

First, determine where your optimal seating area will be, and measure the distance from your seating area to where the surface of your projection screen will be. This is called your “seating distance.” Once you have this number, input it into our Screen Size Calculator to determine the best screen size for your environment.

Once you have a result from our Screen Size Calculator, you’ll need the ceiling height, and the length and width of the room. You will want to cross reference the recommended screen size from the tool and make sure that screen will fit in your room. You will also want to ensure that your eye-line compared to the screen surface rests in line with 1/3rd the way up the screen.

Even though we make recommendations based on various industry related calculations, screen size is ultimately a decision of personal preference and what the room will allow. Our tools make a recommendation, but it is up to you to decide what your personal preference will be.