While the brightness of today’s projectors overcome many adverse lighting conditions, picture quality does suffer as ambient light is flushed onto a projection screen. There are two ways in which to handle ambient light concerns:

  1. Reduce the amount of ambient light in the room.
    Assuming you are utilizing a white or gray screen, the only way to deal with ambient light concerns it to actually remove the ambient light all together. Ideally, lights would be turned off, natural lights such as windows would be covered, and walls and ceilings painted a matte black color (see “Do I need an ALR screen in a dark room?”) to reduce light reflections from the screen surface to the walls, and back.
  2. Fight the ambient light with an ALR screen.
    Our preferred solution, is to utilize an ALR screen technology such as Black Diamond or Slate which allow you to maintain some of the ambient light in the room, while also mitigating issues that arise with light reflections from the screen to the walls, and back. This also makes it possible to have a projection screen in places that had not been considered before such as a living room or other areas with ambient light.
    SI has engineered the most advance screen solutions to address ambient light. Watch this video for more information about our different ALR technologies.