One common question about projection is how to clean your projector screen. It is very important that you follow your manufacturer’s screen cleaning instructions so you don’t damage image quality.

  1. Step One
    Determine what type of screen material you have. Screen Materials types: PVC, Fiberglass, Glass, Acrylic, Special Optic. Not sure? Contact us and we’ll help.
  2. Step Two
    Verify if your screen has a first surface coating or not – you can do this by softly wiping your hand across the surface feeling for any texture – you can also look for color irregularities.
  3. Step Three
    Fiberglass: Maestro White/Grey:
    1. Remove dust with soft bristled attachment on a vacuum cleaner or use compressed air.
    2. Do not scrub or use solvents or any abrasive substance which might damage the fabric.
    3. Clean with a Microfiber cloth dipped in soapy water using a few drops of mild detergent in a gallon of water, then rinse with clean distilled water.
    4. You can clean small stains by rubbing the fabric very gently with a clean white pencil eraser.
    5. Please allow 10 minutes of drying time before retracting motorized screens.
    PVC: Slate .8 and 1.2, Pure White/Grey, Backstage and Backstage 360:
    1. Preferred Method: Microfiber cloth towel and distilled water.
    2. Secondary Method: Can be cleaned with any soft cloth (microfiber preferred). Mix a solution of 1 oz simple green to 20 ozs water. You can lightly rub the surface until the spot is removed.
    3. Please allow 10 minutes of drying time before retracting motorized screens.
    Black Diamond:
    1. Preferred Method: “Whoosh” solution by Tech Hygiene, and a microfiber towel. Lightly apply the solution to the viewing area of the screen. Afterwards use minimal pressure on a microfiber towel, and move it back and forth in linear movements.
    2. Secondary Method: Micro Fiber cloth towel and a mixture of 95% water/5% Dawn.
    3. Allow 3 minutes for the screen to dry before viewing.
    4. Tips: With all coated materials you can only rub so many times before damaging the projection screen coating, use caution.
    Acrylic: FlexGlass:
    1. Preferred Method: Simply apply a mixture of 10% Windex and 90% water to a microfiber cloth.
    2. Secondary Method: Microfiber cloth towel and a mixture of 95% lukewarm water/5% Dawn

For additional details on how to clean Screen Innovations projection screen products, please contact us.

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