In a completely dark room, your projector is its own worst enemy. Whatever color is projected onto the screen at any given time is also reflected around the room, and then back into your image which can in turn negatively affect the screen image. Imagine projecting a red Ferrari onto a white screen. The reds created by the projector are reflected all over the walls, floor, and ceiling because the white material reflects the light in all directions. The red light is then reflected off of the walls, and back into the image creating a red color push. This issue persists with all colors emitted by the projector. Unless you have completely matte black walls, this is the case.

Black Diamond significantly reduces the light scatter created by the projector, therefore reducing the constantly changing color shift. It also rejects what color push may have returned from the walls thanks to its optical filtering technology. This results in much more accurate final image compared to a white or gray screen material.

Lastly the room color itself makes a color shift. If your walls are painted burgundy, you will notice a burgundy color push in your image. Black Diamond allows your walls to be painted with more colorful options and does not require a matte finish vs. a gloss or eggshell finish. This is extremely exciting because 99% of all theater rooms we encounter do “not” have color neutral walls. Watch this video to illustrate this concept.